Cinderella in the woods

Disney movies and books have had a major influence on us while growing up. When we were little girls we have had our share of fairytale moments and Disney princess crushing. All girls have a favourite Disney princess and have always loved the fairytale associated with them. We have loved Snow White’s beauty, Cinderella’s kindness, Aurora’s enchantment, Ariel’s ocean world and Jasmine’s Arabic adventures!

Disney’s initial princesses- Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora were meek characters stuck in unfortunate situations and waiting for a handsome prince to come and rescue them from their never-ending ordeal. These damsels did little more than survive while waiting to be rescued. Over the years, Disney’s portrayal of their leading protagonists has gradually changed. The heroines of Disney tales are more than just pretty faces; they have their opinions, flaws and interests. They not only impress us with their intellect and wit, but are also courageous and brave.

Emma Watson’s recent portrayal of Belle in the mega blockbuster Beauty and the Beast is testimony of the Disney princess evolution and modernization. The 2017 Belle is well-read, bold and courageous. Finding a man is not her life’s agenda anymore, instead she instigates her own adventure.

The era of helpless damsels is over and recent Disney movies – Brave and Frozen – are testimony to this fact!

Among the princesses, Cinderella is my absolute favourite. She is the Queen, always front and centre in the groupie picture, making her the leader of this Disney elite. The earlier conception of Cinderella is of the girl who is always dreaming of a rags-to-riches transformation and waiting for some handsome prince in disguise to notice her natural elegance and grace and rescue her from her torment. But over the years, the elementary perception of this Disney princess has altered. We saw a glimpse of a more realistic Cinderella in the Disney movie Into the woods. This modern version of Cinderella is more realistic – thoughtful, uncertain and complicated; perfectly portrayed by Anna Kendrick in the movie.

In this post, I have reincarnated my favourite Disney princess – Cinderella. My vision of the modern Cinderella is free-spirited, unapologetic and bold. She is no longer a pitiable girl, but is fierce and unabashed; instigating for a blatant adventure. Yes, in 2017 Cinderella is not scrubbing floors, but is out for some fun and exploration!

Cinderella’s modern fashion choices are torn between the modern girl-next-door and the classic poised princess; added with a dash of danger! She has ditched her classic blue ball gown that she wears to entice the charming prince and embraced the fiery colour red that symbolizes her enhanced modern personality. My Cinderella is valiant and courageous and is out in the woods in search of some exhilarating adventure!

Scroll to check out my brazen modern princess!











Well, no matter how fearless and brazen this modern version of Cinderella is, she is still the staunch romantic and is waiting for her prince charming. My modern Cinderella still chooses the traditional approach and deliberately leaves her stiletto behind for her prince to come looking for her! 😉


I’m not sure what it is about the Disney Princesses that makes them so classic. With their diverse storylines and personalities, there is a Disney Princess for just about everyone. You can harness the Disney princess style in your everyday outfit. A little Aurora pink here, a bit of Jasmine’s teal there, and a hint of Tiana’s frog-green hue can be worn oh, so stylishly.

Which Princess’s modern day look would you wear?

Signing off!

Until next time!

“Keep ’em turning, heads! “- Aakanksha Sangtani

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