Monday Blues

Monday, oh Monday, why do you have to come after a Sunday?!?!

Monday, oh Monday, why do you have to make me cry?

I am dizzy and wobbly, and yes, it is the Monday morning!

After that amazing Sunday that you spent in your PJs solving Sudoku puzzles, or had a relaxing day at the spa, or maybe enjoyed the music fest followed by a couple of drinks with some friends; you must face the dreaded Monday! Argghhh!

Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year! OMG! Does this “new beginning” of your work week trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress? Do you lack passion and motivation on Monday mornings? Are you sluggish or tense on Mondays, just like a school kid who has to go to school after his long summer vacation?

If you’re nodding affirmatively, you definitely have a case of the Monday Blues, just like I do!

The Monday Blues are so rampant that they have become a cultural phenomenon. But I don’t like it to be this way. I do believe that Mondays are an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of my work week. Why not position myself to blossom by being proactive with my time and energy? Instead of mourning for the now-ended weekend and cribbing about the long week ahead, why not embrace the blues and be creative, energetic and have some fun?

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and symbolizes depth and stability. Chromatics associates blue with confidence, trust and peace. Why not use this amazing color to lift up your mood and gear yourself up for the challenging week?

In order to tackle the dreadful start of the week, I make a conscious effort to situate my ensemble around blues hues every Monday. Your attire not only makes you appear visually appealing, but also makes you feel splendid psychologically. DO NOT underestimate the ability of how clothes can make you feel. All you are required to do is unbridle the creativity and enjoy yourself!



As a custom for every Monday, I include blue in my attire just to embrace the cultural phenomenon of Monday Blues and to fortify my resolve of overcoming my lethargy. I also try to make it interesting by adding head-turning elements to further lift up my mood!

This Monday my ensemble included a sleeveless collared blue shirt that I paired with formal high-waisted trousers. Since it is Monday, supposedly the most formal day of the week, I threw in a checkered bow tie and black suspenders to add the prim flavor to my outfit. The blue in my ensemble gives me the confidence and tranquility; and the accessories give that oomph and vigor to my outfit!




Well, I have overcome my blues for this Monday by this power-packed ensemble and am psyched for the week ahead!

Are you already thinking of blue items in your wardrobe for the next Monday? I bet you are!

Signing off!

Until next time!

“Keep ’em turning, heads! “- Aakanksha Sangtani

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