Head-to-toe florals

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking!” – Miranda Priestly, The Devil wears Prada

Miranda Priestly from the popular novel-based-movie The Devil wears Prada is known for her outstanding power within the fashion world. She is cruel, cutthroat and mercurial in her opinions about fashion trends and designer collections. She is a discerning leader and clearly knows what is best for the fashion world. The sass and style of the woman is categorically incredible!

Well, this icy fashion police sarcastically deigned florals for spring as ‘groundbreaking’ in the movie. As much as I have a fashion affinity with Miranda Priestly; I don’t really harmonize with her attitude towards spring trend of florals. This classic is too versatile to write off as a cliché.


Ah, the first sign of Spring; whatever it is for you — be it the birds twittering in trees or dazzling colors of flowers or you see the beautiful butterflies flying around — you just embrace the feel good vibes. As the spring season sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. It is the queen of seasons.

Spring ensembles rely on feminine colors, shapes, and details with the volume turned all the way up. These clothes put femininity and womanliness on display in a palpable way. Instead, fashion’s new take on unabashedly feminine clothes is commanding, comfortable, and very, very cool. How can you not wear florals for spring? This season, designers are providing a floral style for every occasion and woman: office-appropriate, girlish beachwear, and even for the most anti-floral advocate.



Floral is traditionally the most feminine trend. You can wear floral shorts or pants with a graphic tee, or you may wear a light floral jacket on a neutral ensemble. Since florals are so feminine and girlie, the perfect way to wear them is a cute little dress or long flowing ruffle maxi. You can also use florals in your accessories; floral bags are so legit!

For a major statement this summer, the fashion circuit dares you to wear power petals from head to toe like at Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu in the Spring/Summer Milan Fashion week. Even our desi designer Sabyasachi is obsessed with the floral trend and uses it in his bridal collections for sarees and lehengas. I am never shy of trying all new fashion trends and am sporting an all floral maxi here. You can team the head-to-toe florals with maybe a kimono or a denim jacket, if you do not want reflect the full impact to the floral print.

Quick tip: Do not use too many accessories or make-up with the loud print, you might end up looking like a clown!




Well, I am in love with this traditional trend! How about you? Ready to sport some flashy prints this spirng?

Signing off!

Until next time!

“Keep ’em turning, heads! “- Aakanksha Sangtani

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