Steal it from the men’s closet: The denim shirt

There’s something deliciously subversive and maverick about wearing pieces intended for men and actually pulling them off better than the guys themselves can. You can be the girliest girl in the world (I know I am) and still wear men’s clothes and accessories like they have been exquisitely tailored for you!

The fun with wearing men’s clothing is that they are comfortable in comparison to women’s fitted clothes. Plus a loose shirt teamed up with a skinny tight trousers looks fantastic. I personally don’t find it strange to mix and match pieces that were traditionally intended for some hairy chested guy. Infact, in a recent survey, 64% out of the 1900 respondents (we the superior sex) admitted that they had gone out and purchased men’s clothing with an intention of wearing it themselves!

Honestly it’s not about gender but about dressing in clothes in which you feel comfortable. Have you ever wondered why it is easier for men to get dressed in the morning? Their dressing is uncomplicated and fuss-free. Trust me, choosing a clothing item from the men’s closet is far more easier than choosing from our’s.

We might still be a long way from completely genderless clothing but hyper-femininity no longer boasts the same credentials as once before, especially in the world of contemporary fashion. Leading designers are obsessed with unisex clothing, so much so that the “boyfriend” aesthetic is now so extensive and accepted that every high street brand is selling the anti-fit “boyfriend” jeans.
Personally, I don’t think that gender rules can decide what I should wear. It’s euphoric to pick-up pieces that are originally crafted for the men and unleash my creativity and inculcate them in my ensemble. Also, I am blessed with a younger brother (he’s my jaan) with an impeccable dress sense; for me that means unlimited supply of fashionable men clothing! I always have an an eye on his stuff and keep borrowing it, or rather stealing it (oh, the perks of being an elder sister), from his closet; I am so greedy when it comes to clothes! And, there is nothing like the satisfaction of actually dressing his clothing better than him!

For this post, I stole a denim shirt from my little brother’s closet and showed him the how I can put to use his shirt in more ways than he can. 😉 It was fun shooting for this post as I included my brother in it (he did not do it willingly and was totally forced) and it’s pretty different from my usual blogs.

So, I paired the stolen shirt in 3 different ways; with a well fitted jeans, black leather pants and a high-waisted red skirt. Scroll to check out the pictures!

Give it to me!

This one is an absolute gimmick! 😉


Yay! I got what I wanted!

Some more eye-catching novelty! 😛


Got it…Now lemme flaunt it!

A girl’s gotta flaunt her leather pants!


Some more flaunting…

What better way to flaunt when you get your brother’s bike to pose along!


The final look

Thumbs up for denim with hot red!


I had a blast creating this post and I hope you had fun reading it. So, my dear girlies, are u inspired to steal some clothing from your brother, boyfriend or husband?!?

Count on me creating more fun posts under this category!
Signing off!

Until next time!

“Keep ’em turning, heads! “- Aakanksha Sangtani

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