Khaki – It’s not just a color of duty!

The status of khaki is highly flexible. Depending on the context in which it is worn, and the attitudes of the wearer and the beholder, it could be a source of either contempt, pride, obligation, or, lately, fashion!

Khaki is the color of the duty; the army, the police, the postmen sport this yellow-brown color and symbolize pride and responsibility. It is the color of the uniform; worn by the pupils of an elite local school with colonial origins, as well as the missionary school for the orphaned and the blind and symbolizes discipline. Khaki is also the official color for all who perform menial jobs; the bus conductors, auto drivers, people who sweep streets and gather refuse and drive trucks loaded with rubbish.

Well, we are used to seeing khaki around us on a daily basis but not really as a color associated with fashion. With major fashion week of 2017 already over, we have seen some overt trends for 2017; one of them is plain old Khaki! The 2017 Spring KHAKI trend is anything khaki based or pure khaki color, from head to toe (massive outfit trend) or just one or two items here and there. Maybe even just a pair of shoes, or a nail polish. God, I love how explicit fashion is these days!

Khaki was first associated with fashion with a massive trend of trousers known as “khakis” that were initially sported mostly by men. Today, the term is sometimes used refer to the style of trousers based on these trousers, properly called chinos, regardless of their color.

In 2017, brand khaki is oh-so-hot with no restriction what-so-ever! Wear it as a top, bottoms, overcoats or shoes, added with that pizazz of an attitude! Khaki is the new sartorial way forward; it’s an easy wearable color. Khaki acts as a blank canvas that can be worn head-to-toe, with other shades of green, against strong bright pops of color or more classically with neutral tones.

In this post, I am demonstrating a few ways to wear this sartorial color.

Look 1: The pocketed KHAKI kurta

The traditional kurta can become more fascinating when worn in khaki. The color and the pockets provide an edge to the outfit. With my hair pulled in a top bun, the look is absolutely office appropriate!beautyplus_20170316160020_save-e1489662609780.jpg



Look 2: Pair khaki with black; it always works

Layer your timeless Little Black Dress with an oversized Khaki shirt to give that extra edge to your dress (not that the LBD needs any edge; its classic and always on point).  You add some booties and carry this look for a coffee date with your girlfriends or go on a shopping frenzy (don’t forget to replace those heels with flats, for all the running you gotta do).


Look 3: Whoever said Khaki can’t be cute and flirty

I think this is the best look I have pulled together with Khaki as it gives an entirely different outlook to the eternal concept of the color! The dress cute, flirty and captivating. I just needa fix myself for a date now! 😉



Until next time!
“Keep ’em turning, heads! “- Aakanksha Sangtani
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