Work Work Work Work !

“Dress how you want to be ADDRESSED”. It is a saying that, the way you are dressed is the way people see you. Being an IT professional along with a blogger, I know the importance of creating a “No-nonsense” impression at the work place. I spend 5 days a week at the corporate institution, which has a certain decorum and propriety to operate and even to dress. People generally consider dressing sense as second priority at their work place, but believe me, it is of that much importance as compared to your office work. It is because of this reasons, many IT company have set dress code at their work places.
As working women in India advance in their careers, office wear for women takes on a new importance. It is who you are that really matters in the corporate world. But what you wear creates an impression about who you are. Besides, when you dress smartly, your confidence level gets an instant boost and you feel good, ready to take on the world.
Take a cue from our favorite American legal drama television series, Suits. It features powerful corporate lawyers dressed in chic work formals. Be it Jessica Pearson, Rachel Zane or Donna Paulsen, their work style is always on point. Well, I am not so interested in Harvey Specter’s tryst with the law as I am in the breath-taking ensembles!
Honest confession: I only watch it for the urbane corporate fashion!
Talking about reel-life lawyers, even our real-life lawyer, Amal Clooney, is spot on with her business fashion. Mrs. George Clooney is a mix of playful and professional and is always perfectly polished in her sartorial formals.
How to pull-off the perfect work fashion?
While you are dressing up for work in western formals, there are defined do’s and don’ts which should be adhered to. Use neutral colors like black, blue, beige and white in your ensemble. Avoid flashy prints and neon colors. Instead opt for stripes, checks and ruffles. Always wear closed-toe heels in a neutral color such as taupe, black, grey, or brown.
Style tip: Always match the color of your shoes with your handbag. This is the most frequent faux pas that I see around me on a daily basis.
Wear your hair in a formal updo or a high ponytail along with minimal make-up.
For my first post in this category, I chose a mustard shirt and teamed it with beige trousers, instead of the traditional black-mustard combination. The ruffles on the shirt give my ensemble a chic and sophisticated feel. Matched my closed-toe tan pumps with my tan handbag.
With my hair pulled back in a high ponytail, don’t I look all set to conquer the boardroom?
Count on me creating a lot more posts on the work fashion.
Signing off! Until next time!
“Keep turning ’em heads!” – Aakanksha Sangtani

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